2017 Wake Awards Trophy

Client: Wake Awards Trophy
Role: Art Direction
Medium: Print
Vendor: Solidprint3D
Photos: Bill Doster
Date: September, 2017

This year, professional wakeboarding athletes received a one of a kind Wake Awards trophy. The trophy was a three dimensional typographic object formed by the event initials, “W” and “A.”

This award would not have been made possible without the expertise and professional craftmanship of Solid Print 3D of Winter Garden, FL.

More info coming soon...


Archive of 2016 Awards

Photos: Bill Doster
Date: September 2017

In 2016, my team and I conceived and created sixteen, individually designed VHS cases that held customized golden VHS cassettes. This direction fit in with our 90’s throwback theme and served as a nod to the era of the sport’s beginning. As in most board sports, the moment of receiving a much anticipated edit on tape was a highly coveted. It seemed to fit the occasion.