The New Activist

Client: International Justice Mission
Role: Art Direction/ Design
Job: Branding
Date: August, 2016

I was approached by Eddie Kaufholz of the International Justice Mission (IJM) and now the Relevant Podcast Network to create a simple but meaningful brand for his new podcast, “The New Activist.”  

The premise of the show is to highlight and inspire the new activists of today. Those new activists are people like you and I. Every episode touches on what makes individuals tick and what it takes to engage in the causes they find themselves as activists for.

The branding itself was inspired by the idea of flags or banners that activists fly for their causes. The rectangular shape is based on the traditional 5x7 flag ratio. Typographically, the word mark is inspired by bold headlines typefaces also commonly associated with activism and protests. Color denominations were  assigned to specific topic groups and employed on the original podcast site and other social media uses.  

Unfortunately the branding has since changed due to Relevant’s aquisition of the podcast.