Cheerios Positivity Campaign

Client: General Mills 
Via: Zeus Jones
Role: Art Direction/ Design
Job: Illustration
Date: May, 2013

Cheerios exists to nurture and cheer on possitivity. Zeus Jones, a Minneapolis based agency, sought out to cheer on new possibilities in Cheerios' online communities by sharing optimistic posters created by their internal team. After having success within Cheerios' community with these posters, Zeus felt they lacked the sharing value they originally anticipated. So, the Jones' reached out to me because of my unique approach and aesthetic to see it come to life through the Cheerios brand.

After careful thought, I chose to work with the phrase, "Let's get together for breakfast." Immediately, the idea of re-imagining breakfast as a grand community event came to mind. And naturally, my imagination lead to city architectural structures.

What if the cereal bowl, like a sports bowl or stadium, became a venue and a meeting place for bringing community members together to cheer on positivity and new possibilities?